EKDV-713 Fuck the beautiful maid and listen again

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    'Aoi' is a new maid who dreams of serving her wonderful master both physically and mentally. However, the master she had to serve was a sleazy and lustful man, completely opposite to her ideals. From the first day of working as a maid, the master was peeked at her pants and groped her body. “Please stop…” and resisted, but the mouth was blocked by the erection and forced Irama, immediately inserted and shot semen into the vagina as it was. Giving up the life of a maid she once dreamed of, she spends her days bathing her body, blindfolded and practicing restraint with a vibrator. when her master tells her to do so. One day, it turns out that the boss is away on business... The perfect opportunity to escape this difficult situation has arrived...